Slave Trade and Slave Trade Triangle

The Slave Trade Triangle happened many years ago,and in many parts of the world it still happens today.The slave trade began because countries needed  goods from other countries so they began trading people for industrial goods.This became very popular. would you have traded goods for other lives?

Plantation owners loved having slaves work for them because they didn’t have to pay them any wages.Some Christian people believed it was alright  to use slaves in their houses because the Bible talks about slavery in a positive way.

A slave is someone who has no money,they were punished with a whip and are forced to do things that they might not want to do. Another thing,   a slave is someone with no control of their life and they were punished  for running away.Slaves had their owners  initials imprinted on their skin.. Initials were made from iron and thrown into the fire,then the iron initials were burnt into the slaves skin. if the slaves managed to run away, they were captured and taken back to their owners.

The Slave Trade Triangle  spread across four continents from the United Kingdom and West Africa to North America  and the West Indies. Britain traded manufacturing goods such as  guns, cloth, iron and beer to  West Africa.West Africa traded gold, ivory, spears and hardwood to Britain and black African slaves.  Black Africans were sold at an auction. West Indies and North America traded  tobacco,sugar ,tea and coffee with Britain..

The slave trade still happens today in some parts of the world but it looks very different.  Today it is all about sweatshops, slaves are not transported to different parts of the World. But it is modern day slavery.

Could you have survived life as a slave?


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